It’s true that life is a spectrum, but sometimes you just need to lean into This or That. Which is what I am doing with this fun list of questions! It is amazing how much the answers to some of these can say about a person. I have given my own answers, cheating on as few as I could.

1) Coffee or Tea? Tea

2) Mountains or Beach? Mountains

3) Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla (but really caramel)

4) Music or Podcasts? Podcasts

5) Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl by nature, Early Bird by choice, Afternoon Napper by necessity.

6) Plans or Surprises? Plans!!!!!

7) Movies or TV Shows? TV Shows

8) Cursive or Printing? Cursive

9) Be Embarrassed or Be Afraid? Afraid

10) Cats or Dogs? Cat Lover, Dog Owner (darn allergies)

11) Shower in the Morning or at Night? Night

12) Classical or Rock Concert? Classical

13) Birthday Card or Birthday Present? Birthday Card

14) Texting or Calling? Texting (I am a Millennial, after all)

15) Emojis: yes or no? Yes 🙂

16) Growth or Security? Security

17) Internal or External Processor? Internal (unless writing counts as external)

18) Optimist or Pessimist? Realist

19) Guacamole or Salsa? Salsa

20) Logic or Emotion? Logic

21) Rich or Famous? Rich

22) Visual or Auditory Learner? Visual

23) Travel to the Past or the Future? To the Past (and stay there?)

24) Math & Science or Arts & Literature? Arts & Literature

25) Android or iPhone? iPhone

26) Speed or Accuracy? Accuracy

27) Loose Guidelines or Clear Directions? Loose Guidelines

28) Sweet or Savory? Sweet

And one final one for the road: are you the type of person who LOVES or HATES picking a side? (I love the idea, hate the actuality.)

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