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Hi friends! I’m popping in from my week-long blog break with a fun announcement!

We got our tests results from my chromosomal bloodwork last week and the very BEST news is that we have ruled out any chromosomal abnormalities. Praise the Lord! Because of my age we are at a much higher risk for several conditions, and it is a huge answer to prayer that baby is healthy!

With our blood tests we were also able to determine baby’s gender, and I’m thrilled to announce that we are having another boy! Most of our friends and family were rooting for a second girl, and all three kids were certain they were getting a baby sister. But in my mama’s heart I was positive that this baby was a boy, and my intuition was right!

We shared the news with the kids in a fun balloon-themed gender reveal on Saturday. (It didn’t go quite as planned: the blue balloons were outside our front door, and the light was shining on them in such a way that when we opened the door for the reveal, it was hard to tell what color they were!). After overcoming the initial surprise, all three kids are now excited to be gaining a baby brother! Kali had her heart set on getting a sister but is pleased with the news and happy that she and I will be the special “only” girls in our family of males. And she gets to continue her reign as Top Princess in our home. 😉

My ONE sadness is that we have a collection of girl names we were itching to use, but we can’t settle on ANY boys names we like. However, I’m (almost) certain he will not remain nameless. Name or no name, we can’t wait to meet this little guy in August!

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