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I read a LOT of blogs, some from people I know in real life and (most) written by people I have never met. Regardless of whether or not a blog is written by a personal friend, I always enjoy getting glimpses into bloggers’ lives and personalities beyond what generally comes through in their writing. When I saw this idea for a blog survey on Caitlin’s blog recently, I thought it would be fun way to share a bit more of myself with all of you.

A to Z of Kendra Nicole

A – Age: 31 years young.

B – Biggest Fear: Too many to list, but a fear of failing encompasses most of them.

C – Childhood Nickname: Boogie (because I liked to dance).

D – Dream Vacation: I’d love to take a round-the-world cruise.

World Cruise

E – Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl. Unfortunately.

F – Favorite Color: I have seven favorites, actually—turquoise, yellow, pink, purple, green, red, and gray. I know, kind of ridiculous, but I like different colors for different things.

G – Guilty Pleasure: Diet Soda, specifically Diet Dr. Pepper. I know it’s horrible for me, but despite the many healthy changes I’ve made to my diet, it’s one vice I’m just not willing to give up.

H – Hometown: Brea, California. I was born in the San Fernando Valley, but my parents moved to Brea when I was a year old, and since then I haven’t lived outside of North Orange County.

Brea California

I – Introvert or Extravert: Hard-core introvert, which surprises a lot of people because I’m great at small-talk and love making friends with strangers.

J – Jewelry Must-Haves: Other than my wedding ring, earrings. I feel naked without them.

K – Kitchen Necessity: My Shun Elite Utility Knife (followed closely by my 4-inch paring knife and kitchen shears).

L – Last Phone Call: My grandmother. She is one of my only contacts who doesn’t text.

M – Movie You Could Watch Again and Again: Beauty and the Beast, Ever After, Hitch, Les Misérables, and pretty much any musical ever.

N – Number of Siblings: One younger brother. (Plus a brother-in-law and two sisters-in-law.)

Kendra and Austin
Austin and Me in London back in 2008.

O – Obscure Fact: I was voted “Most Conservative” for my High School yearbook. I haven’t decided if that falls under the category of “embarrassing” or “totally awesome.” I’m still pretty conservative, but I’ve definitely lightened up since my teenage years.

P – Pet You’d Like to Own: A Goldendoodle.

Q – Quality You Admire in Your Spouse: His responsibleness. (<– I think I made that word up.) He’s always prepared, it’s the Eagle Scout in him.

R – Reason to Smile: My little man. Of course!

Smiling with Charlie

S – Song You Danced to In Your Wedding: Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This.

T – Treasured Possession: My memories, and the photos, keepsakes, and journals that help me preserve them.

U – Unusual Pet Peeve: The sound of a crunchy apple. I can’t stand eating apples myself, and it’s pure torture to be around others who are eating them. It’s my version of nails-on-a-chalkboard.

V – Vocation You Think You’d Love: Travel writer. (If I were younger, single, and more talented, I think it would be amazing to be a Broadway performer.)

W – Wisest Piece of Advice: “What other people think of you is none of your business.” My Dad says this all the time, and I wish I was better at taking it to heart.

X – eXtreme Sport You’ve Tried: Skydiving (for my 21st birthday).


Y – Yogurt Flavor: Vanilla.

Z – Zoo Animal You’d Like to Be for a Day: A monkey.

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment with your answer to any of the above questions, or ask me anything else you’d like to know! If you have a blog of your own, share a link to your own blog survey!

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