Hey there, Buddy Bear; welcome to your third month of life! I know I’ll say this every month, but you are growing up WAY too quickly! I wish I could press the Pause button on your life so I could savor these early days with you for just a little bit longer. You have grown and changed so much over this past month, and I’m already missing my teeny-tiny little newborn. But everyone keeps telling us that it just gets better as you get older, and I think they might be right. . . just when I think you couldn’t possibly get any cuter, you do! Your daddy and I are constantly marveling at the fact that we seem to fall even more in love with you each day. No doubt about it, you have us wrapped around your tiny little finger—we are utterly smitten!

Charlie Brown Two Months

Looking back at your newborn pictures, it’s hard to even believe that you are the same little boy! You are SO much bigger and healthier looking now; you are even getting some fat rings around your little thighs, and your daddy and I have taken to calling you “Little Chubs.” (Don’t worry, it’s a compliment! You’ve worked extra hard to get those thunder thighs!) You’re changing in other ways too: you are very alert these days, and it’s fun to interact with you. I feel like you’re finally starting to know who your mommy and daddy are, and I think you actually like us! You will even give me kisses: when I kiss you on the lips, you smack yours back—how could I NOT be in love?!

Charlie and Mommy and Daddy

You have been developing the most amazing facial expressions: you like to stick out your lower lip in a pout when you’re unhappy, and a couple weeks ago, you started flashing your smile! The first time you showed me that precious grin was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I still can’t get enough of your smiley face. You’re still a bit stingy with those grins, but you often break into a smile when you first see yourself in the mirror over your carseat, so strapping you into the car has strangely become one of the highlights of my day! Though you haven’t done it often, you’ve even giggled a couple of times; I can’t wait to hear more laughs from you! You’re making other new sounds, too: you still make your trademark grunting noises, but you also coo and sigh, which is beyond adorable. Your cries are getting stronger (not my favorite development), and when you’re really upset you’ll give a high-pitched little shriek. Fortunately, those are few and far between.

Happy and Pouty Charlie

We’ve had a lot of “firsts” this month: we had our first play date at the park (I guess it was more of a play date for the mommies since you babies hung out in your strollers!) as well as your first trip to church (we almost made it through the whole service. . .). You had your first time away from your parents: your Opa and Oma watched you for a couple of hours while Mommy and Daddy took a CPR class; you were great, but it was hard for us to be away! You also had your first day in cloth diapers, which didn’t go so well: apparently, the brand that we have in your current size is notorious for leaking. Since we have lots of disposable diapers (hand-me-downs from some of your bigger friends), we are going to wait on cloth diapers until you fit into the ones that are the next size up. I’m still holding out hope that we can make the cloth diapering thing work!

Charlie 2 Months Collage

You still have bouts of crying, but you are mostly pretty calm during your waking hours and are even content to hang out in your swing—staring at the fish tank—while we eat dinner or while I get things done around the house. There have even been a few times when you’ve let us set you in your bassinet while you were awake! Generally, you like to be held though. You particularly like sitting upright in our laps, but you also enjoy hanging out in the Moby Wrap or Baby K’Tan. I LOVE “wearing” you and getting to stare down into your sweet face hanging out on my chest as I go through my day. Sometimes your little hand sneaks into your mouth as you soothe yourself, and it’s just the sweetest thing. (You’re still working on sucking your actual thumb, but I’ve caught you doing it a few times!)

Charlie and Snuggles 2 Months

I can’t believe how strong you’ve gotten! You can hold up your head now, and it was a lot easier to take your monthly pictures this month because you weren’t constantly tipping over! You can even bear some weight on your legs when we help you “stand,” which you seem to really like doing. You have a vice-like grip and love hanging onto our fingers, and sometimes my hair. You’re not into toys yet, but I’m sure that you will soon be holding onto those rattles we keep trying to get you to play with! One big development in the last couple of weeks is that you are now able to roll from your tummy to your back; you sure surprised us the first time you did that!

Growing Charlie

Another big “first” this month was that Daddy gave you your first bottle. Since you’ve been so good at breastfeeding, we were worried you would want nothing to do with a bottle, but I pumped some milk for you and you took to the bottle like a pro! You definitely like to eat, and you don’t seem to mind whether it comes directly from the source, or by way of a bottle. I really don’t enjoy pumping, but it’s nice that we have a back-up if Daddy needs to watch you for a few hours while I run errands. Speaking of your daddy, I can’t begin to tell you how it’s melted my heart to see the two of you bond this month. He’s been wonderful with you from the start, but lately you two seem to be enjoying each other’s company more and more. He makes it his goal every night to get to bed a few minutes before me so that the two of you can get some daddy/son snuggling time in before I join you two!

FatherSon Bonding

You still haven’t settled into a predictable schedule, at least not one that’s conducive to your mama getting much sleep. Like I said, you REALLY like to eat, and don’t go more than three hours between feedings (and sometimes we only get to sleep in hour-long sprints). The lack of sleep is getting to me, yet I don’t mind our middle-of-the night feeding sessions. I bring you into your room, and we rock in the glider while you eat. I know these mid-night feedings won’t last forever, so I’m trying to appreciate them while I can.

Happy Charleston Michael

One thing that hasn’t changed this month: I am still ecstatic that I get to be your mom! You are everything I hoped you would be, and more. Thanks for being my preciously-perfect Little Buddy!

Two Month Stats:

Weight: 9 pounds, 1.5 ounces
Length: 20.5 inches
Clothes: We’re between sizes—the newborn clothes are getting too small, but 0-3 month clothes are still a bit big.
Likes: Swinging in your swing, loud music in the car, having your head stroked, looking at yourself in the mirror, walks in your stroller, sitting upright, sucking Mommy’s finger, sleeping with Mommy and Daddy.
Dislikes: Diaper changes (still. . .), the dark, wearing a lot of clothes, waiting to eat.
Monthly Milestones: Rolling Over (tummy to back), smiling, cooing, giggling, holding head upright.

Charlie Two Months

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