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We’ve been in Texas for exactly three months now: enough time to start feeling more at home in this part of the country, but also long enough to experience some serious homesickness. Topping the list of things I miss most are the usual suspects: Family. Friends. Our Neighbors. Our Church. But there are other, smaller things that I miss as well. Here are five things I loved about California that I’ve been nostalgic for lately.

California Dreaming

1. Disneyland

I’m sure it surprises nobody that Disneyland is high on my list. This quintessential California hot spot is the place of magic and dreams. I’m thankful that our passes allowed us to make some fun Disney memories as a family, and hope we’ll one day get to return when Charlie is older and can appreciate it more.


2. Jacaranda Trees

California has a unique beauty all of its own, and though our current home is arguably more picturesque in terms of sheer greenery and floral ubiquity, I do miss some of the plant life we would see in Orange County. I was particularly sad to miss out on the blooming of the jacaranda trees this spring, which was always a highlight of my year.


3. The Mountains

We rarely went to the mountains, but I liked knowing that I could go! I always loved being able to see the mountains in the distance—that is, when they weren’t hidden by dense smog!

The Mountains

4. Flame Broiler

Oh, Flame Broiler. . . You were my favorite fast food restaurant, and sadly you haven’t made it to Texas (yet!). We haven’t found a decent replacement, and it’s probably a bit far for delivery—though I’ve certainly thought about it!

Flame Broiler

5. Walking Trails

Orange County isn’t necessarily known as being a walkable place to live, but our last home was situated near some gorgeous walking trails. Charlie and I both miss our old routes, especially the visits with Dennis and Buckwheat (the miniature horse and donkey we stopped to talk to on our daily walks).

Walking Trails

What are some of your favorite things about the place you call home? What would you miss most if you moved?

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