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In keeping with this week’s Mother’s Day theme, today’s Cinco de Wednesday is a mini tribute to my own mama! My mom is one of the wisest people I know, and she has taught me so much of what I now hold true. I haven’t always been the best pupil, but here are five things that she has taught me—or at least attempted to teach me— over the years.

Cinco de Wednesday Mother Knows Best

1. This too shall pass.

When you are young (and even when you’re not so young) it can be so easy to think that every trial will last forever. My mom always reassured me that the difficult feelings, stressful situations, and crummy life stages would eventually come to an end and that there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Don’t think too much.

I’m a chronic overthinker. Mom reminds me that sometimes things really are as they seem on the surface, that I don’t always need to worry about what others are thinking, and that it’s okay to take action without hyper-analyzing every possible scenario.

3. Love others by serving them.

My mom has a beautiful servant’s heart. She is a dedicated volunteer and pours her whole being into even the most mundane activities, demonstrating her love through action. Her example of servanthood is a powerful reminder to be Jesus to those around me.


4. Never stop learning.

For years my mom stayed home with my brother and me, but she had a background in nursing and always stayed abreast of the latest medical research. (She has since returned to nursing, so all that studying paid off.) She also read everything she could get her hands on about every topic under the sun, a trait I’m thankful she passed on to me.

5. When you’re on vacation, and even sometimes when you’re not, a giant bowl of ice cream makes for a delicious and perfectly acceptable dinner.

Thanks to Mom, many of my favorite family memories revolve around ice cream. This is a lesson I will be sure to pass on to my own children!

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