Today’s posts are for the moms, the wives, the decision-fatigued, the impatient, the prayerful, and the puzzle-lovers among us. Enjoy!

Finding the One Decision That Removes 100 Decisions (or, Why I’m Reading No New Books in 2020), by Tim Ferriss

“Looking back over the last decade, I have made many good fast decisions, but I have nearly never made good rushed decisions. The former can be made from a place of calm, whereas the latter come from a place of turbulence and blurred judgment. How can we create an environment that fosters better, often non-obvious, decisions?”

You Didn’t Do ‘Nothing’ Today, by Emma Scrivner

“At this stage in my life, I’m home-based, with small children. Sometimes it’s wonderful, and sometimes it’s hard. But whatever my brain tells me, it’s not nothing.”

16 jigsaw puzzles to brighten up your winter days, by Anne Bogel

“According to a 2014 Yale study, the low-stakes task of completing jigsaw puzzles builds collaboration and teamwork. The activity engages spatial reasoning, promotes problem solving, and rewards participants with a sense of accomplishment.”

We Want It Now, by Kaitlin Walden

“I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with wanting more for ourselves. Quite the contrary, as I believe desiring more for oneself can signify growth. What gets us is our posture towards our circumstances. Because when our current situation has us here, yet we want so desperately to be there, we can easily begin the slow descent into murky discontent waters.”

Never Believe Anything Bad About God, by Emily P. Freeman

“There will not be a time in our lives where we have no more need for discernment, but one of the most foundational influences on our decision making lingering beneath the surface is what we believe about God. Because, as I’ve shared with you from my own life, what we say we believe and what we actually believe don’t always match up. Something else Dallas Willard said is that we always live what we believe, we just don’t always live what we profess we believe. I believed God is good, yet I often made and, still sometimes make, decisions believing bad things about him.”

Be Alert, Like a Mother in Home Goods, by Kristen Johnson

“This year, the call to be devoted to prayer comes with God’s call to dream big and step out in faith. I have some huge, God-given dreams and desires. How else can I achieve them if I’m not on my knees about them? The call to go deeper with God is a call to a deeper prayer life.”

The Way I Love My Husband Matters For My Kids, by Kimberly Peña

“As women, I see many of us with boys talking about how we won’t raise heartbreakers or mean boys or chauvinists. For me it is important that I raise kind men, who respect others and know that relationships take work, who might break a heart and have their own heart broken, but who are resilient and know their worth.”

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