Mindfulness, anxiety, and the Enneagram all make appearances in this batch of links. There are some great reads here—enjoy!

The Meaning of Success // Mandi Watts

“There was no amount of money or praise or helping that could make me feel like I had accomplished something because the deepest habit of my heart was to disregard anything that wasn’t everything.”

The Enneagram Types of Your Favorite Books, Characters, and Authors // Anne Bogel

“When you’re trying to pin down your Enneagram type, it’s helpful to see what the types look like in action—in real (or fictional) lives. Seeing which characters embody the various types helps you better understand the Enneagram and yourself.”

We Don’t Talk Enough About Anxiety After Happiness // Laura Tremaine

“It’s especially hard for people who have everything going for them to admit that they’re in the midst of anxiety. They talk themselves out of it, trying to make chronic anxiety something that’s logical. They hide what they’re going through, worried (maybe rightfully so) about being judged.”

How to Make This the Summer of Missing Out // Hayley Phelan

“JOMO, is not a misspelling of ‘mojo’ but, rather, stands for ‘joy of missing out.’ The antithesis of FOMO (fear of missing out), JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are. It’s a lot like that age-old wisdom about being present — only retrofitted for a world in which missing an email could be a fireable offense, and deleting Bumble could mean you don’t go on a date for another three months. Like it or not, we need our technology devices; we just don’t need them as much as we think we do. JOMO is about finding that balance.”

When You Don’t Want To Do the Next Right Thing // Lauren Washer

“I’m no longer worried as much about pleasing people and I’ve grown in my understanding of grace, but when faced with a choice to do the right thing or avoid it, I’m reminded of these words from James. Sometimes, when I choose to not do the next right thing, it is an actual sin.”

How to Parent Consciously // Sherrie Nguyen

“Conscious parenting may seem like a hippy dippy concept in theory, but in today’s climate, there’s an obvious trend towards authentic connection and acknowledgment of our humanity – flaws and all. To be conscious means to be aware – our thoughts, actions, and language have a deep impact on the people closest to us, our kids.”

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