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These links tackle all the important things: identity, faith, trusting the Lord, making the most with our lives. Be prepared to be encouraged, challenged, and inspired. 

What Hindsight Doesn’t Tell You // Sarah Baker

“If you’re lost, keep being lost. Of course you’ll eventually walk to somewhere or find a clearing in the trees or maybe even a road. But the views you have while you’re lost? They’re special, indescribable. Sit on the log and admire the flowers that decorate the earth. Cry and scream into the darkness and hug yourself when you’re alone. Being lost is one of the most incredible adventures of this life.”

Why I’m Having an Identity Crisis // Anjuli Paschall

“My identity so easily goes into crisis mode. I’m in an anxious tizzy to fix and fill myself with anything that will soothe my unsettledness — accomplishments, caffeine, beauty, a fit body, and obedient children. I look to my reflection, closet, mothering skills, or social media to tell me that I’m good enough. When I can’t live up to my standards, shame taunts me, and I come undone.”

Our Journey to “Soon” // Jill Briscoe

“I have learned, however, that what we do with “The Journey to ‘Soon’” is vitally important. Waiting does not necessarily mean passivity. Waiting works us over, making us pliable in the Potter’s hand. He molds the wet clay and forms a real grown-up person out of the child in me. So I am learning to take action while I wait.”

The “Gospel of Progress” and Transformation in Christ // Laura Cerbus

“The potential for despair and acedia to settle in is high, particularly if we preach the “gospel of progress” to ourselves each day. But what if these repetitive tasks, these reminders of our failure to progress, are received as gifts of grace? After all, we do not find our hope for the future in the progress we will make, but in the one who has set the world right.”

How to Build a Life Worth Remembering // Kimberly Coyle

“He doesn’t remember the Alps scraping the sky just beyond our glass doors, or the new school waiting to receive him the next day, or the general lack of hoopla—an utterly non-Pinterest-worthy celebration. He remembers a blown candle, a whisper of smoke, a chocolate treat, a family singing off-key. To a kid, the poetry of life lies in its simplicity.”

If any of these links resonated with you, let me know about it! And feel free to drop a favorite link (something you’ve read or written yourself) in the comments! 

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