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Can you believe we are already a full week into June? Though my last couple of months have moved rather slowly, I still don’t feel ready to dive into these summer months. But ready or not, they’re here! Also here? A slew of great links for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! 

Parenting in the Weeds // Kendra Germenis

“I don’t like giving half of my heart or half of my attention. I don’t like being physically present but not mentally present. And I really don’t like feeling like I’m missing out on parenting in general.”

Gospel and the Arts: The Hidden Beauty of Repetition // Liz Wann

“We need to come back to finding joy in the small everyday beauties of life. Seeing my boys run through a field of grass spotted with daffodils, watching them climb on an uprooted tree trunk, placing an edible garnish on cream of asparagus soup, observing how flowers bloom on a twig, and seeing my baby smile are all sweet parts of this repetition. We need to know how to spot these daily beauties and cherish them, because God created them. He made repetition.”

What NOT To Say to Someone Going Through Infertility // Shawna Beucler

It’s all in God’s perfect timing: This is SUCH a popular go to for people. I have said it myself. But, when the desire of your heart is to grow your family. And, you are on your knees in prayer! Please don’t tell me that God is just chillin’ and will wait around for perfect time. I am aware of that. But I want it NOW! Such a hard thing to put together. Ugh!

On Pursuing Your Passions [Or Something Like That] // Erin Schrader

“And here’s the thing that I am discovering as I get older – we often don’t know what we are passionate about until either a) a life circumstance happens and all of a sudden we care a heck of a lot more about a topic than we ever did before or b) until we dive into something new and try it.”

So You’re Having a Faith Crisis // Katherine Willis Pershey

“We often emerge on the other side of spiritual crises filled with gifts we could only receive the hard way. As often as not, our faith is renewed by spiritual crisis – but rarely as a simulacrum of what it was before. Faith that has made it through a dark night is deeper, more nuanced, and maybe even substantively different. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

One Simple Question Unlocked My Best Self Care // Joy Netanya Thompson

“Since when did self care get so complicated? I wish I could blame it on being a mother, but I remember in the early years of my marriage, weekends were…well, confusing, because my husband and I had different ideas about how to refresh ourselves after a long week. I could sit and read for hours; he wanted an adventure.”

The Lazy Genius Summer Survival Guide // Kendra Adachi

“If we try and force summer into the way we live the other nine months of the year, we’re going to hate summer.

Summer is slow.
Summer meanders.
Summer eats hot dogs for dinner and stays up late.
Summer is full of couch forts and dirty rooms.
Summer sits in the driveway every night and eats an ice pop.

Let summer be unique. Don’t begrudge its speed, stickiness, or schedule by wearing autumn-colored glasses.”

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