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Of all the spiritual disciplines, Scripture memory is the one that has had the biggest impact on my spiritual life. Memorizing verses has helped me lift God’s word off the page as I hide His wisdom and truths in my heart and they become part of the fabric of my being. Having these verses tucked away in my mind gives my thoughts a safe and healthy place to land when they begin to stray, and I’ve noticed how these passages begin to flow into my dialogue, my prayer life, and all of my thinking. Committing Scripture to memory has set the stage for God to work in my life in some beautiful and unexpected ways.

As we approach the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting on the twelve passages I committed to memory in 2021, pulling out some core truths I hope to carry with me into 2022 and beyond. Reminding myself of theses truths will equip me to combat any deceptions that come my way in the year ahead.

God is the originator of all good things. He is deserving of my praise, and when I encounter goodness and beauty in this world it should be my cue to turn to Him with gratitude.

The Lord is totally and completely trustworthy; my own ideas and feelings and opinions are not. I need to turn to the Lord, seeking His guidance in EVERY move and decision of my life (both big and small). This can only take place when I have cultivated an intimate relationship with Him, one that is marked by consistent prayer and listening and time in His Word.

Anxiety and worry are antithetical to God’s design for my emotional and spiritual health. Rather than dwelling on things that have me worried or afraid, I need to capture every concern and turn it over to Him. The Lord desires for me to talk to him about every detail of my life, and in bringing these details before Him He will bring about divine peace in my life that will pave the way to understanding His good and perfect will. I have no business ruminating over negative or harmful things but should fill my mind with images, ideas, and imaginings that point me to God.

I am not in control; God is, and when I accept this truth and submit to His plans, I will pave the way for God’s work and will that is so much better than what I could have planned on my own.

Our Lord is holy, just, and strong. He is a miracle worker and a the master of wondrous moments. When I am tempted to take justice or challenging situations into my own hands, I should remember that these matters belong to the Lord alone. I can reflect on times when He has proven faithful in these areas and trust that He will do so again.

God’s word is abounding in wonder, miracles, and truth. As I approach Scripture I can ask the Lord to help me see, understand, and apply the wisdom embedded in His Word. Embracing God’s Truth is a recipe for a life of abundance and obedience to the Lord.

Peace, rest, restoration, and vitality can be found within the presence of the Lord. He welcomes me into a divine and luxurious relationship with Him, where He will fill me up and fortify me for the challenges and hardships of this world. He asks for obedience and righteousness, but does not expect me to pursue these on my own—He takes my hand and beckons me to walk alongside Him on the path of sanctification.

The enemy of our souls is on the prowl; there is spiritual warfare taking place all around us and within us. I must remain alert to the messages I am receiving and the ideas I am choosing to embrace. This requires awareness, courage, and a steadfast commitment to God’s TRUTH over all “truths.” This truth must be rooted and established in love. A felt need to impart truth to others is not a license to act out of unkindness or hatred. Truth without love is incomplete.

Christ’s sacrifice was not only for our eternal salvation; it also shapes the way we live in the present world. Jesus purchased our freedom from sin and I honor Him by pursuing a life that is self-controlled, upright, and Godly. I have been made pure and am free to passionately chase after the good works God has in store for me.

My focus should not be just on this world, but on what is to come. When I feel helpless and hopeless I can recall the saints who have come before me, following their example of faithful adherence to God’s Word and His will. Jesus gives the gift of faith, which gives me hope for today and will be perfected over a lifetime of following Him.

As members of Christ’s community we are called to unity, gratitude, and peace. We are to teach and admonish one another, encouraging and prompting each other towards holiness, but this needs to be done with pure motives and a genuine desire for the flourishing of God’s people. Everything we do—big and small—can and should bring glory and honor to Jesus. And each day should be valued as a fresh opportunity to show Him thanks.

Love is so much greater than I have imagined, more powerful than I can fathom. It sees the best in others and seeks the best for them, it is sacrificial and selfless, honoring and respectful, joyful and humble. This is God’s heart for me as His daughter, and He has provided an example of how I, too, should aspire to love those around me. As I embrace His incredible love, it will pour out of me and through me, empowering me to love as He first loved us.

Lord God, Heavenly Father, I thank you for the truths you have revealed to me through your Word this year. I am overcome with awe and wonder at the gift of Scripture—that you would honor us, your created children, with this most incredible Book. May I never take your Word for granted. Help me to seek after you and your heart within every word, every verse, every page. Thank you. . . thank you . . . thank you for this amazing gift of love, wisdom, and truth.

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