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I just wrapped up my first semester of leading a small Bible study at my church. It was a wonderful experience on many levels; one of my favorite tasks each week was choosing an icebreaker question for our group (and then hearing everyone’s answers!). Now that our group is over, I’m no longer pondering a new question to bring to our weekly sessions so I’m transferring that icebreaker energy to this month’s 28 Things List.

These icebreakers are great for small groups, dinner parties, road trip conversations, or (if you’re the contemplative type) just to ponder on your own. And here’s my expert tip: if you are choosing one icebreaker question to begin a group, text the question to the group ahead of time so that they can put some thought into their answers. I did this with the ladies in my group, and many mentioned talking over the questions with their spouses to come up with a good answer.

1 :: Name an “uncommon/unexpected belief”: what is something you think or believe that might surprise others?

2 :: What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? What is the tastiest thing you have ever eaten?

3 :: What piece of advice would you give to your teenage self? What piece of advice would your teenage self give to you today?

4 :: What is an accomplishment you are proud of? How do you hope to answer this same question ten years from now?

5 :: What was your high school superlative? What superlative would your friends give you today?

6 :: If you could redeem one past mistake, what would it be?

7 :: What invention would make your life easier?

8 :: How many places have you lived? Which was your favorite/least favorite?

9 :: Who knows you best? Who do you know best?

10 :: What non-essential item could you never live without?

11 :: Tell your life story using ten or fewer emojis.

12 :: Share one of the most obscure items in your home: why do you own it, and what does it tell us about you?

13 :: What fictional world would you love to visit?

14 :: Are you related to anyone famous? If not, what famous person do you wish was a relative?

15 :: Rank your four seasons (or the twelve months) from favorite to least favorite.

16 :: If you had to give up two of your five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling), which would you sacrifice? Why?

17 :: What is your parenting super power? (If you’re not a parent, what is your friendship super power?)

18 :: Do you have any phobias? When/how have you had to confront them?

19 :: Describe your dream home, your dream vacation, or your dream day.

20 :: Where are you in your birth order? How has or hasn’t this affected your adult life?

21 :: What is a quality you admire most in others? What quality do others admire in you?

22 :: What is your favorite life hack?

23 :: Describe your relationship to time: are you always early or late? Why?

24 :: Do you spend more time contemplating the past or the future? How does this orientation impact your daily life?

25 :: What animal would those closest to you say best represents you? What animal best represents your spouse?

26 :: Do you tend to get along best with those who are similar to your in temperament, or those who are your opposite? Why do you think that is?

27 :: What is the best/worst job you’ve ever had? What is your dream job?

28 :: If you could choose anyone (from present day or from history) to be your mentor, who would you choose?

How do you feel about icebreaker questions? If you’re a fan and itching to answer some of these, I’d love to hear your responses! Do YOU have a favorite icebreaker question you regularly ask in small groups?!

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