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In April, I put a contrarian spin on my 28 Things list as I shared an assortment of things I believe are totally overrated—items others seem to love that simply aren’t for me. (Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any pushback on my list, and I discovered that quite a few of you agree with me on many of those opinions!)

This month I’m flipping the script to share 28 things that I believe are underrated: these are some items or practices I LOVE that don’t seem to have garnered appropriate (in my opinion) levels of enthusiasm from others. It may be that others do love these things and are simply not vocal with their enthusiasm. However, I’m ready to sing my love from the rooftops with this list of fantastic things that I adore and think others should get on board with loving too!

1. Detailed, time-stamped podcast show notes.

2. Hats (of all kinds, on men AND women).

3. Children’s picture books and Middle Grade novels.

4. Walking as exercise.

5. The Old Testament.

6. Flannel sheets.

7. Young marriage.

8. Short wedding engagements.

9. Electric toothbrushes.

10. Oatmeal.

11. Thank you notes.

12. White walls.

13. Scripture memory.

14. Grocery store flowers.

15. Leftovers/repeat meals.

16. Free drink refills.

17. The color yellow.

18. Homeschooling, trade schools, and other nontraditional forms of education.

19. Digital journaling.

20. Password managers.

21. Minivans.

22. Cars with a good number of appropriately-sized cupholders.

23. Good manners (both at home and in public).

24. Backpack purses.

25. Movie soundtracks.

26. Restaurants with playgrounds (that aren’t fast food restaurants).

27. Adventures in Odyssey.

28. Texas beaches.

Do you have any thoughts? Are any of my own Underrated Things on your list? Or better yet: are any of the items I believe are UNDERrated on your own OVERrated list? (Don’t worry, I can take the critiques!) Let’s compare notes!

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