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Warning: unpopular opinions ahead! Specifically, my own contrarian takes on some things others seem to LOVE that (in my humble opinion) are entirely overrated.

We have a rule in our family that we don’t “yuck” someone else’s “yum”: in other words, we’re not allowed to disparage a food or activity that someone else in our family really loves. Well, I’m breaking that rule today! But please know it’s all in good fun. Most of the things on this list are totally fine for other people . . . they just are’t my cup of tea (or coffee, as I happen to love tea)! Maybe you’ll agree with some of my takes; more likely (because these are UNPOPULAR opinions) you won’t, and that’s totally fine! I’m sure there are plenty of things I love that simply aren’t for you—and you know I’d love to hear about them (share with me in the comments)!

This list may have you gasping in shock, or chuckling at my naiveté and uncultured palate, but here we go: my list of activities, items, and trends that are completely overrated.

1. Coffee (especially Starbucks).

2. Luxury cars and items of clothing.

3. The Romantasy genre (and most of the Romance genre in general).

4. Spooky Halloween decorations (and everything horror related, regardless of the time of year).

5. Formal education.

6. Superhero movies.

7. Day trips to the beach.

8. Water parks.

9. Ice in drinks.

10. Birthday parties (actually, almost ALL kinds of parties).

11. Influencer culture/celebrity influencers and celebrities who are famous for being famous.

12. Reality television.

13. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and pretty much all of social media.

14. Stanley Cups.

15. High-waisted, wide-leg denim.

16. Vitamins, supplements, and essential oils.

17. Spectator sports (all of them, but especially football).

18. Competitive team sports for kids.

19. Men’s facial hair.

20. Tattoos.

21. The “Gentle Parenting” movement.

22. Blue as a favorite color. (I’m fine with blue but don’t think it deserves its cult favorite status.)

23. Unsweetened sparkling water (Waterloo, LaCroix, Topo Chico, etc.).

24. Chapstick/lip balm or lip moisturizers (they dry out your lips!).

25. True Crime (books, podcasts, shows, etc.).

26. Shark Week.

27. Elf on the Shelf.

28. Meditation (the secular kind).

It’s response time: do you vehemently disagree? Are you surprised to find we share some “unpopular opinions”? What items would be on YOUR overrated list?

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