Spring seems to be a great time for uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational internet reads. Here are just a few more fantastic links I’ve stumbled across this month. 

Mister Rogers: A presence Transformed by Prayer // by Amy Hollingsworth

“Everything Fred Rogers did was a prelude to — or an outcome of — prayer. Volumes of books have been written on prayer, perhaps because it’s sometimes easier to read about it than to actually do it. But the essence of prayer is relationship, and Fred understood that.”

The Quiet Faithful Life of Ruth Lee // by Andrea G. Burke

“The amazing and good news about this upside-down kingdom of our God is that you can be the most effective, the most faithful, and leave the greatest legacy simply by being faithful in your quiet life. The ones who impress the least, who live in small towns and are forgotten by 99.9% of the world are the ones who change generations.”

How to Be a Better Elephant // by Hayley Hengst

“Wouldn’t this be so much more of a REFRESHING and REASSURING and LIFE-GIVING way to do friendship and community than the way most girls do it???”

The Universal Path to Life-Giving Routine // by Kendra Adachi

“People who are beautifully grounded in their spontaneity, who are in a posture of finding the next thing to explore, discover, or eat, still do things routinely. A monthly detox. A daily centering prayer. A commitment to always choosing a menu item they’ve never had before. Routine is repetition tied to a certain task or time of day, and we all do the same stuff under the same sun. Your routine looks different from mine based on all the regular variables – personality, life stage, vocation, goals – but we all need the grounding power of routine for more reasons than you might think.”

Why Uncertainty Can Be Good for Us // Shelly Miller

“While I am calculating what my life lacks, making idols of longing for that one missing thing, I miss the good right in front of me. Who am I to insist on more, when more might kill me if I were to capture a small glimpse of it.Mystery protects us from what will destroy us in the knowing.”

A Soul Minimalist’s Guide to Letting Go // by Emily P. Freeman

“When the next steps are unclear, doubt is often the most logical conclusion. . . We can start down that road of doubt and questioning if we want to. But just because the doubts show up doesn’t meant you have to let them sit down. They won’t linger if they’re not welcome.”

What We Resist // by Kimberly Knowle-Zeller

“I resist giving myself the grace and hospitality I share with others. Sure I can bring a kind word to a friend, I can be someone else’s biggest cheerleader, I can open my door wide. But when that same grace and hospitality is offered to me, I balk a bit. I downplay myself. I say thank you and offer an in-kind compliment. I never think someone should feel like they have to do all the things, but I fail to give myself that same grace.”

The Discipline of Staying in the Room // by Anne Bogel

“I’ve been thinking lately about keeping my commitments to be places—not because I’m kind or considerate or conscientious, although I’d like to believe I am these things—but because I already made the commitment to myself. I don’t gain anything by rushing in late because I was lingering at the last thing (trying to do just one more thing, again), or jet out early for five extra minutes. These things do not bring me life, they don’t enable me to get more done. They make me feel harried.”

This Disney/Pixar Bracket Is Tearing the Internet Apart, So Tear It Some More and Show Us Yours // by James Whitbrook

“Arguments have been had, friendships torn apart. Global warming has spiked due to the sheer volume of hot takes being furiously typed away even as we speak. So naturally, we thought we’d turn it over to you to contribute even further.”

Kendra Note: This is SO awesome, but also requires some agonizing decisions. In the end, for me, Beauty and the Beast will always trump everything. How about you?

What’s the best thing you’ve read on the internet this month? I’d be honored if you’d share a link in the comments! 

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