I had another post scheduled for today, but in light of our present circumstances, it didn’t feel right for me to continue on with business as usual. 

I’m not usually one to chime in on current events or hot-button issues. I remain silent because I feel that I lack the knowledge to speak with credibility and compassion, or I worry that I might say the wrong thing.

I recognize that the last thing the world needs is another white Christian contributing to the noise by making this issue about me and my own journey to becoming “woke.” 

But I also know that when it comes to racism, my continued silence is part of the problem. I can’t claim to love God and love His creation without speaking up for justice and equality. So I’m here, doing my admittedly small part to stand in solidarity with my black brothers and sisters.

I have no answers or solutions. Only a heart that is open to change, a mind that is willing to learn, and a heartfelt belief that uncomfortable conversations and messy attempts at reconciliation are better than doing nothing at all.

Learning. Listening. Examining my heart. Lamenting my own racism and acknowledging my privilege. Making space for those whose voices deserve to (finally) be heard. Those are my next steps. 

There is no shortage of resources available for those of us seeking guidance from the black community. This resource page from Be the Bridge—an organization I have personally supported and am currently learning from—is a great place to start.

Image Source: Jane Mount

I’ll leave you with this lovely benediction from Emily P. Freeman’s recent episode of The Next Right Thing

May we hold our own responsibilities with the same care, reverence, and humility we ask for from our leaders.

May we use our voices to speak up and stand with even if we stand out. 

May we not underestimate the power of an honest dialogue and a loosely-held agenda. 

May we not be afraid to examine our own hearts in the presence of God. 

May we see his image as it shines through the lives of our black brothers and sisters. 

May we know when to speak up and when to stay silent. 

When we are silent, may it be because we’re learning and listening and not because we’re afraid. 

May it be so in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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