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Some of my favorite blog posts are inspired by my podcast listening, and that is the case with this month’s Bookish Consideration. Last month on Currently Reading, hosts Kaytee and Meredith did a deep dive conversation about what wishes they would ask the Book Fairy to bring about in their reading lives. I LOVED this little exercise in readerly daydreaming and have not stopped thinking about the conversation since I heard it. Thanks to Kaytee and Meredith, I’ve had a field day adding to my own list of what I would request of the Book Fairy.

Here’s a look at some of my bookish wishes, with some wishes that are feasible and others that are more imaginative than the most magical of fantasies.

+ A library with access (no holds, borrowing limits, or late fines) to every book I want to read—in Print, Audio, AND eBook.

+ Annotated Character Lists at the front of every novel, with an accompanying Family Tree where applicable. (I realize a form of this is available via X-Ray for Kindle eBooks. I’d like this for physical books, too!) Bonus points if these lists could include photographs of the characters.

+ Detailed maps of location-heavy stories (especially stories that involve imaginary lands).

+ Content ratings listed at the front of each book (similar to the ratings given to movies and television shows), with a brief (but reliable and comprehensive) explanation of objectionable content.

+ Access to a censored copy of any book, similar to the censored movies shown on planes. I’d like to have all swearing, steamy scenes, and gratuitous violence/gore magically removed from my books.

+ The option to jump into a book at any time, to interview a character or explore the setting.

+ A Book Machine that will magically present my next perfect read. This machine will know my reading tastes and also recognize what sort of book I’m in the mood to read. It will also know whether I would best enjoy this book in audio or print form.

+ The ability to remember details of every book I’ve read.

+ Fully illustrated novels for adults. I’m not talking about graphic novels, but regular novels with illustrations on every page (similar to the illustrations included in many Middle Grade novels, or to the illustrated versions of the Harry Potter novels).

+ Physical books that shrink to easily fit into my purse but expand to full size when I’m ready to read.

+ The option to text message a book’s author at any point in my reading to ask for clarification or behind-the-page info, or simply express my own opinions.

+ A book buddy who will always be reading the same books I’m reading, at the same pace, so we can discuss at any time.

+ Cliff Notes-type summaries included at the end of every nonfiction book, with a recap of main points and memorable quotes. (I’ve read several nonfiction books that include these summaries and find them extremely helpful.)

You KNOW you’re pondering your own bookish wishes now. What would you add to your list?

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