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Happy three months, my sweet Charleston! How on earth did we get here?! I don’t think I will ever adjust to how quickly you are growing and changing. Some days I have to remind myself that you are still just a baby, because you seem like such a big kid already! And though it just doesn’t seem possible, as you have grown, so has my adoration for you. Your daddy and I both fall more in love with you each day, and we talk about how at times it feels as though our hearts will literally burst, they are so filled with love for our impossibly perfect little boy. (Sorry to be so mushy, buddy; you’d better get used to it, though, because you are stuck with this sentimental mama for at least the next eighteen years.)

Charlie and Snuggles at 3 Months

This month was filled with new beginnings as you moved beyond being a newborn and into being a bona fide kid with genuine preferences and a distinct personality. We can actually play with you now, and we love flying you over our heads, reading you stories, and singing you nursery rhymes. You still aren’t interested in any of your toys, but I have a feeling that will change soon. You are inquisitive and alert, always watching what’s going on around you and intrigued by whoever is talking; even strangers comment on how much wisdom and maturity they see in your wide eyes. You cry much less these days, and are increasingly generous with your giggles and smiles. I just wish we were better able to capture those grins in pictures: the moment we bring out our cameras, you’re all seriousness—you are truly your daddy’s child. The resemblance to your daddy doesn’t stop with personality, either; you are his mini-me in appearance as well! You have his chin, his smile, and his giant eyes. One time we were at a restaurant with a group of people, and the waitress immediately identified Luke as your dad (even though you weren’t sitting together). On more than one occasion, I’ve been out and about with you and been told that “you must look like your daddy” because you really do look nothing like me. I don’t mind; your dad is a very handsome man, so you are lucky to look so much like him! 😉

Charlie's Play TIme

Though we don’t plan to do any official sleep training with you, you seem to be developing a more predictable schedule on your own. If we’re home in the mornings, you will nap for hours at a time, and you’re usually awake through the afternoon, with brief catnaps here and there. Your fussiest time of day is in the early evening, just before we eat dinner. Once you’ve eaten and been changed, we swaddle you and put you down in the bassinet in our bedroom. You usually fall asleep right away without any tears, and you’ll stay asleep for several hours. I miss having you awake and with us in the evenings, but those evening hours are when you get your best sleep, so we try not to disturb you. Unfortunately, that solid sleep doesn’t last through the night. By the time your dad and I are ready for bed, you’re ready to eat again, and after that you wake up to eat every two hours. Though I wish it was more in line with my personal body clock, I’m glad you seem to be settling into a routine, and knowing that you can sleep for long stretches makes me hopeful that those sleepy hours will one day coincide with my own!

Charlie's Morning Nap

You’re still a great eater, and you’re getting more efficient with your feedings. You are usually done after about ten minutes of nursing, but you’re growing like crazy, so I think it’s safe to assume that you’re getting enough food! You usually like to eat every three hours or so, but regardless of the time of day—or the proximity to your last feeding—you always want to eat right when your mama is sitting down for a meal of her own. I guess seeing our food sparks your own appetite!

Adorable Charleston

Since you were born, you’ve had a very strong sucking reflex. You like to eat, of course, but you also like to suck on mommy’s finger, on a blanket, on your own arm, and on anything that touches your face. We felt sure that you would love a pacifier, but had held off on giving you one (a decision that was encouraged by your doctor, who didn’t want us to do anything that would interfere with breastfeeding since you were so small). However, a couple of weeks ago we were going to be on a long car ride, so we brought a pacifier along with us. When you started getting fussy, I tried giving it to you, and you shocked us by wanting nothing to do with it! Since then, I’ve felt much more at peace about our decision to bypass the pacifier altogether.

Visiting the Easter BunnyYou had your first Easter this month, and it was so much fun to celebrate your first big holiday with you. We took you to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall, which was a funny experience: you were fast asleep right before seeing him, and we couldn’t get you to wake up until we actually placed you in Mr. Bunny’s lap. You seemed totally unfazed by the fact that you were being held by a giant bunny, and we got some good pictures of the two of you together! On the day before Easter, you “helped” your daddy and me color Easter eggs, and on Easter Sunday we went to your Opa and Oma’s house, where you got to meet mommy’s Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon for the first time. You were a big hit! I can’t wait until next Easter, when you’ll be big enough for an egg hunt and an actual visit from the Easter Bunny!

Charlie's Easter Eggs

We had some not-so-fun moments this month on the health front. You got sick for the first time, and though it turned out to be nothing serious—just some congestion and a low fever that lasted for over a week—you definitely had us concerned. You’ve also kept us worried about your bilirubin levels, which have been high since you were born. Fortunately they seem to be resolving on their own, but your mommy hates having to see the nurses draw your blood for those tests. You’re big enough now for them to take the blood from your arm, instead of just doing a heel stick. It goes more quickly that way, but it’s harder for me to watch; I have to admit, though—you look like such a tough guy with your arm all bandaged up afterwards! Speaking of being a tough guy, you endured your first vaccinations like a champ! You were such a brave little man as you sat on Daddy’s lap, waiting for your shots, and you barely cried at all when the nurse stuck you! That night was pretty rough, though: your legs got swollen, and you screamed like nothing I’ve ever seen. It broke my heart to see you in so much pain, but thankfully you were feeling better by the next day!

Charlie at the Doctor

I know I say this every month, but I can’t begin to express how much I love you, or how blessed I feel by this chance I have to watch you grow up. Thank you, Charlie, for the joy that you bring to my life. Every day with you is a gift!

Three Month Stats:

Weight: 11 pounds (Which is exactly TWICE as much as you weighed when you were born!) Since you’re growing so well, we no longer have to go in for biweekly weight checks with the doctor!

Length: 22.5 inches (You have very short legs but a long torso, just like your Uncle Austin.)

Eye Color: Still blue, though they are getting a little darker. I’m hopingl that they will settle into blue permanently, but it’s looking more and more like you might be a brown-eyed mister.

Charlie's Measurements

Clothes: Officially in the 0-3 month sizes; all of your newborn clothes have been boxed up (sniff!).

Diapering: We are using disposable diapers when we are out during the day, as well as at night time. We were given several hand-me-down diapers from a friend who is a bit bigger than you—and who happens to be a girl! So, you were wearing pretty flowered and pastel diapers for a bit; I hope you won’t hold that against me when you’re older!

We’ve been using cloth diapers the rest of the time. You look so adorable in them, and they don’t leak as badly now that you’re bigger (and since mommy realized she was putting them on backwards before—oops! Who would have thought the velcro tabs were supposed to go in the back?!)

Charllie and Bear 3 Months

Likes (Subject to change at a minute’s notice; your preferences are pretty fickle, and every day is different!):

  • Being swaddled. You loved it when you were a newborn, then went through a phase where you didn’t seem to care for the swaddle. Now, you’re back to loving it again and it’s one of the quickest ways to settle you down when you’re unhappy.
  • Staring at the name banner that your Grandma made for your baby shower. We put it up right before you were born to welcome you home, and hadn’t planned on leaving it up, but you love to stare at it. So for now, it gets to stay!
  • Acting like a big boy. You don’t care for being cradled like a baby, but would rather sit facing forward on our laps. You also love “standing” (with our help, of course); I’m sure you’ll be running laps around the house in no time!

Charlie's Likes

  • Having your face touched. You like it when we stroke your face with our hands, or rub a towel over your eyes and mouth. You really like peek-a-boo, but your favorite part is when your face is covered up: when I sneak a glance under my hands, you are all smiles, but you get serious the second we “peek” at you!
  • Your gliding bassinet. For a while you preferred your swing, but you’re back to liking the bassinet and seem to really enjoy hanging out there, even when you’re wide awake! I’m not looking forward to the day you don’t fit into it anymore!

Dislikes (Also likely to change at any time.):

  • Riding in the car. We’re not sure why, but you seem to scream the minute we start driving. It’s not the car seat, because you don’t mind being in it when it’s in the stroller, and it’s not because you’re lonely because you cry even when I sit in the back with you while Daddy drives. It’s quite the mystery, but it really has us dreading car rides!
  • Your crib. Even when we try to put you into it when you’re already asleep, you immediately wake up; I have no idea how you can distinguish it from your bassinet or any other surface, but you can! For now, we’re not pushing it and we’re glad that you still like to sleep with us, but pretty soon we’re going to have to work on transitioning you into your own room.

Unhappy Charlie

  • Tummy time. We try to give you some time on your tummy each day, but you usually roll over, fall asleep, or spend the time squirming (you will wriggle yourself around until you’ve rotated your body 360 degrees—it’s pretty impressive!).
  • Delayed diaper changes. When you were younger, the “status” of your diaper didn’t seem to faze you, but now when you get fussy, a wet diaper is likely the culprit. Fortunately you don’t mind the diaper changes themselves anymore, and are usually smiley and happy the whole time you’re being changed.
  • Growing up too fast. . . oh, wait, that’s MY dislike, not yours!

Charlie and Charlie Brown at 3 Months

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