August is the rare month with ZERO holidays. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but barring April in years when Easter comes early, I think August might be the only non-holiday month if we take token holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s/Father’s Day into consideration.) But that doesn’t mean August offers nothing to celebrate—and I’m not just talking about lazy days by the pool or back-to-school sales. The internet, in all its creativity, informs me that there is a whole host of lesser-known items and activities deserving of celebration every day of the year, including days in the month of August.

In keeping with our light and breezy theme for this Chill Summer Thursday, I thought it would be exciting to share some fun holidays coming up in the next month, along with a few ideas for celebrating them. I can’t speak to the authenticity or legitimacy of these holidays, nor do I guarantee our own family will be participating in each of them; what I can promise is a list of ideas for keeping your family entertained and occupied in the coming weeks when it seems like there is nothing to look forward to. For each day, I’ve linked to a site explaining the holiday’s background and history, then offered ideas for how you might participate.

August 1: Planner Day

Purchase a new planner for the coming school year (these are my favorite). If you haven’t already done so, sync up digital planners with your spouse.

August 2: Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Google your nearest ice cream sandwich shop (ours is The Baked Bear) and take your family out for dessert, or make your own (these donut ice cream sandwiches sound amazing).

August 3: Watermelon Day

Create a watermelon sculpture. Eat watermelon (JUST watermelon) for dinner. Play a game of Suikawari (watermelon splitting).

August 4: Hooray for Kids Day

Even if you’re an adult, spend the day doing kid-like things: run through the sprinklers, eat only finger foods, blow some bubbles, swing on a swing, take an afternoon nap. . . .

August 5: National Water Balloon Day

Host a neighborhood-wide water balloon fight. Learn some new water balloon games.

August 6: Fresh Breath Day

Make a dentist appointment if you don’t already have a cleaning scheduled. Swap out your toothbrush for a new one; restock toothpaste, mints, and sugar-free gum; consider growing some fresh mint.

August 7: Sisters’ Day

Write a letter to your sister (if you have one) telling her what you love about your relationship. Watch a movie about sisters (this is my fave). Reenact the “Sisters” scene from White Christmas.

August 8: First Day of Afternoon Tea Week

Host a fancy afternoon tea party with a sampling of teas, scones, and other delicacies. Have everyone dress up, and be sure to use your finest china (or shop for a set at a thrift store).

August 9: National Book Lovers Day

Prepare ahead with a trip to the library or a bookstore for everyone in the family to choose a book, then have an all-day read-a-thon. Provide plenty of snacks, background music, and comfy spots to read. End the day with book talks where each family member shares what they’ve read.

August 10: Lazy Day

Sleep in, skip chores for the day, visit a spa (or have a spa day with manicures and facials at home), and order takeout or have leftovers for dinner.

August 11: Son and Daughter Day

Wait, isn’t this every day? No need to do something special to celebrate. 😉

August 12: Middle Child Day

Crown your middle child King/Queen for the Day—let him/her choose what to eat for breakfast, what shows to watch or games to play, and what music you’ll listen to in the car.

August 13: Left-Handers Day

Learn about left-handedness (it’s fascinating!) If you are a family of right-handers (we make up 90% of the population, so it’s likely), try writing out the alphabet left-handed and vote on whose writing is most legible.

August 14: Love Your Bookshop Day

Attend a book signing or story time at your local bookshop. Visit this site to find a local bookstore near you or support local stores when you shop online.

August 15: Back to School Prep Day

Take your kids shopping for school supplies (and earn bonus points by letting them choose one or two nonessentials, like an extra set of markers or some playful stickers). Even if you don’t have kids, take yourself shopping for some fancy new pens or stationary.

August 16: Tell a Joke Day

Go to see a live comedy act or watch one online. Spend a family meal asking Siri for some jokes (our family LOVES to do this, she’s hilarious!).

August 17: Thrift Shop Day

Have a thrifty party—give every guest a set amount of money to spend on a thrift store outfit, then follow up the shopping with a fashion show; or have each guest buy a gift to wrap for a White Elephant-style gift exchange.

August 18: Serendipity Day

Perform random acts of kindness around town. Document the experience with pictures, videos, or a journal, then compile a Serendipity Day scrapbook you add to each year.

August 19: Aviation Day

Visit a local airport or air museum, learn how to make the best paper airplane, or watch a movie about planes.

August 20: Radio Day

Listen to a radio drama as a family. (We do this every day with Adventures in Odyssey!)

August 21: Senior Citizens Day

Drop off treats at a local nursing/retirement home. Conduct an interview (record it!) with a senior member in the family, asking what life was like when he/she was young.

August 22: World Plant Milk Day

Buy a variety of plant-based milks (almond, cashew, oat, walnut, soy) and conduct a bracket-style taste competition.

August 23: First Day of National Coconut Week

Incorporate coconut or coconut flavoring into every meal and snack of the day (check out this list of coconut recipes). Try out a coconut-based skin care product.

August 24: Knife Day

Clean and sharpen your knives, brush up on your knife skills, or sign up for a wood carving/whittling class.

August 25: Burger Day

Invite the neighbors over for a backyard barbecue. Provide the patties and have guests bring their favorite buns, condiments, toppings, and sides.

August 26: Dog Appreciation Day

Visit your local dog park (with our without your own pup). Treat your dog(s) to their favorite bone or toy.

August 27: International Lottery Day

Surprise a friend with a lottery ticket. Read or write a story about a lottery winner.

August 28: Bow Tie Day

Learn how to tie a bow tie, then have a bow tie party (serve bow tie pasta, have a best-bow-tie competition, and watch an old movie where bow ties are involved.)

August 29: Lemon Juice Day

Set up a lemonade stand! Sell lemonade alongside other lemony treats, such as lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, and lemon muffins.

August 30: Frankenstein Day

Make Frankenstein treats to munch on while watching a film adaptation of the book (or reading the book itself; Luke and I read it together on our honeymoon, it’s not at like what you might expect).

August 31: We Love Memoirs Day

Sign a family member (or yourself) up for Storyworth. Gather a group of close friends to share your personal stories, or jot down notes to write your own memoir. Check out a memoir from the library (they tend to be great on audio).

If you choose to participate in one of these holidays, let me know all about it! I’m eager to hear the details of your celebrations!

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