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I have so much great content to share with you today! These links touch on some pretty significant issues: healthily navigating social media; the value of authentic community; powerful lessons from one woman’s infertility journey; and the importance of forgiveness. I’ve included my two most recent posts for Austin Moms Blog: one on patience, the other on overparenting (both issues I struggle with). Plus there’s a fun architectural post that I loved reading, tips for surviving a simple summer, and some great summer reading recommendations! Enjoy!

How Well Are You Reading Your Church, by Karen Kessens

“There is a place for de-cluttering and keeping things simple, but it’s not in relationships. The more we open someone’s else’s book of life, the more we will get emotionally attached to the characters involved and become invested we will be in the dramatic outcome.”

3 Things to Do When Things End, by Emily P. Freeman

“The sacred things we mark from the ending will be brought forth into our beginnings, not necessarily because of an external thing we bring with us, but because of the person we have become. When things end, we come forth changed. We would do well to take some time to pay attention to those changes, to mark them, to honor them and see how they might lead us forward.”

The Problem of Overparenting, by Me for Austin Moms Blog

“We moms are wired to protect our children, and any threat (even trivial ones) to their comfort or well-being can evoke a powerful, visceral response. Often this response is warranted. . . . But it’s easy for our protective instincts to get out of hand; we mamas can become so focused on keeping our birdies safe in their nest that we forget to teach them how to fly.”

Why Forgiveness is Key, by LaToya Morrison

“Forgiveness is necessary to our well-being. We may think we are just fine because we’re functional; however, it’s a facade that we just become accustomed to. When you still think of the offense and are riddled with anger, pain, and turmoil, you haven’t reached the shores of forgiveness just yet. . . .That’s ok. It’s ok to not be at a certain place before you’re ready. The point of the journey is to never stop traveling.”

The Best-Designed Building in Every U.S. State, by Nick Mafi

“To be sure, the U.S. is a country filled with stunning architecture. And this fact is not restricted to coast, region, or state. Indeed, each state has its own claim in possessing stunningly beautiful architecture, buildings that further add to the ever-changing tapestry that is American culture.”

Learning to Be Patient in a “Now” Culture, by Me for Austin Moms Blog

“Same-day shipping, instantaneous internet access, video streaming, and drive-thru restaurants are just a few examples of how our “now” culture caters to our impatience. We easily adjust to this heightened pace of life, and refuse to accept anything less. Sadly, this impatience with services and systems bleeds into our interactions with other people, and even with ourselves. We become short-tempered, easily agitated, and downright rude as we prioritize our desire for immediate gratification over the consideration of others.”

The Social Media Guidelines That Help Me Still Enjoy Social Media, by Crystal Ellefson

“When it comes to social media here’s what I think is most important to remember: even though you can’t control the algorithms, you do have a lot of control over your experience. You choose who you follow. You choose what you share. And you choose how often and how much you engage.”

Surviving a Simple Summer, by Leslie Kvasnicka

“Yes, I am a major fan of having simple summers.
I’m also a fan of proactively rebelling against social media tempting me to need big expensive vacations and incredible experiences all summer long. I’m a fan of shutting out the shame that I wasn’t enough for my family. I’m a fan of simplifying expectations and seeking respite from the fast pace of our world.”

Lessons from Infertility, by Shawna Beucler

“I know now that I will NEVER ask someone when they will start a family. I have been on the other side of that question, and just forced a smile as I gave some generic response about enjoying our marriage and taking time for the two of us. Just so you know, pregnancy isn’t always easy and those words can hurt.”

The 2019 Minimalist Summer Reading Guide, by Anne Bogel

“Despite their differences, [these five titles] have two crucial things in common: they’re really good, and they embody what a summer read should be. They’ll keep you turning the pages, sure, but they also have substance—and I hope you’ll find them wonderfully thought-provoking and discussable.”

For more reading recommendations, also check out Anne’s list of 20 hot new releases everyone will be talking about this summer as well as her complete summer reading guide!

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