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Today’s links are filled with hope, encouragement, and a dose of humor. Enjoy!

Parents Who Want to Give Up: how to raise up kids even when you want to give up, by Ann Voskamp

“There are young men who need time. Oak trees don’t happen over night. Growing in grace and wisdom and stature isn’t an immediate download — it happens the way a tree grows up: over decades. There’s a reason why children begin as seeds. It’s okay — it’s okay — that growth and change take time — it’s supposed to.”

Why a Great Question Is Sometimes Better Than a Right Answer, by Mary B. Safrit

“A great question cuts through the noise and dithering and the assumptions we clutch with white knuckles and shows us what’s underneath our desperate search for information. A great question is an hourglass, on the cusp of running out of sand, being turned over at the last second and releasing us from the pile we didn’t realize we were trapped under. “

Reflections on Journaling for 25 Years, by Crystal Ellefsen

“This is what I think is most important about journaling: find what works for you. What do you want to get out it? That’s really all that matters. When I boil it down to the simplest reason for me, I journal because I like how it makes me feel. I look forward to how I know I’ll feel when I’m done.”

Searching for the Superhero, by Jennifer Batchelor

“When my step slows because I can’t see very far ahead, a guiding hand is placed at the small of my back. It’s not much and it’s also everything as my spine uncurves and my shoulders straighten.Independence isn’t what’s going to save me. Community is. And with its strength, my fear has become something I’m learning how to carry.”

We Don’t Have to Agree on Everything to Be Friends, by Ursula Herrera

“That’s the beautiful thing about having an open and respectful discussion with someone who thinks differently than you! You both learn so much more about where others are coming from. Understanding leads to tolerance, and that’s something we need a lot more of in this world right now.”

Here’s How Time Works Now, by Eli Grober

“A weekend doesn’t exist anymore. You will go to sleep on Friday and you will wake up on Monday with a vague memory that you may have watched an entire TV show (every episode, every season) sometime in the last 48 hours.”

Some Things, A Mother Never Forgets, by Ashlee Gadd

“Most days, though, held both darkness and light. Grief and joy. Suffocation and fresh air. Nothing made sense; it was complicated and nuanced but also … simple. We woke up, we stayed home, we went to sleep. Every day, we did our best, not knowing when it would be over. Everything felt tangled. The loneliness would swallow you whole if you let yourself feel it too long.”

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