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It’s been a minute since I last shared a batch of links with you, but I’ve saved up some good ones. If you are frazzled, weary, or simply in need of some organizational tips, these are for you! 

On the Yoga Mat As it Is in Heaven // Annie Parsons

“I am no stranger to the muck and the mire. I prefer to focus on the occasions in which it has been shoveled onto me by another, but when I’m honest, I know that I often choose to swan dive straight into the pit. Regardless of how I get there, I believe in my heart that redemption is always possible—beauty from ashes, beauty from mud.”

3 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside // Michelle DeRusha

“Out in nature, on the other hand, we are offered fewer choices (especially if we leave our phones behind), and, as cognitive science researcher Paul Atchley explains, ‘By having fewer choices, [our] attentional system functions better for higher-order things. Scientific studies have found that even a short dose of nature enables our brain to restore attention, which results in better cognitive performance and deeper-level thinking.”

All Shall Be Well // Tresta Payne

“Being with God may not seem any different than God being with me. It may seem like simple rephrasing. But thinking of myself in this position puts me in His kingdom and makes everything here more sacred, more treasured, deeper and richer and worth knowing. I am allowed to discover His world, to anchor in the river and be in awe of what He’s doing. To stare in wonder.”

When You Need a Wake-Up Call to Remember Who You Truly Are // Michelle DeRush

“When we’re deep in hustle-produce-achieve mode, we’re more apt to lose sight of our true self – the person created by and beloved by God. Rather than resting in the knowledge of who we are at the center of our heart, mind and soul, we find ourselves scrambling to define and identify ourselves by what we do.”

6 Strategies to Get Out of Your Reading Rut // Anne Bogel

“Best advice I ever got: let yourself get into a reading rut! I know it sound ridiculous, right? A reading rut is your brain’s way of telling you to slow down. I embrace a rut when I get into one (in fact I just got out of a 2 week long one the other day) because I know if I push myself then I may not enjoy what I’m reading. I catch up on my shows, tackle long overdue home improvement projects, anything to refresh my mind and start anew.” 

When you’re waiting (and when the waiting’s over) // Carolyn Watts

“There’s an invitation in disappointment, and it’s not to push it aside. It’s to bring it to Jesus, to accept his welcome to tell him my sadness, and, whether or not he explains all the details, to receive the comfort of his loving presence and perspective.”

Expert Takeaway Tips for Organizing Your Bookshelf

“If your books fall evenly into a bunch you’ve read and many you haven’t, divide them into separate shelves or rooms. ‘Some readers like having the books ordered by the date they read them, left to right—a sort of “what I’ve read” journal on a shelf,’ Smirl says. ‘If you acquire more books than you can read, use the new ones as decor objects. They’re newer and may have more modern graphic designs, which look great beside art objects and bookends.'”

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