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For the worriers, the travelers, and the ones seeking ways to connect to God—these links are for you. Enjoy!

A Catastrophe Journal // Seth Godin

“Every time you’re sure you’ve blown it, completely blown it, that you’re certain you’re going to get disbarred, fired, demoted—becoming friendless, homeless and futureless—write it down in your Catastrophe Journal.”

Face Down // Lanier Ivester

“It’s one of the lovely paradoxes of this pilgrims’ way: we pour out our hearts in worship and find them filled in the very act. We stumble under our weakness, our grasping at words and colors and notes, and just when we think we’ve fallen we find the grip of a mighty embrace lifting us with wings like eagles’. We imagine we know the end of our art—where our ambitions lie—and we make our plans accordingly, only to discover we’re being propelled merrily along in some kind of crazy empowered helplessness towards a dream we’d likely have laughed at in our saner moments.”

Mindfulness, Not Another Buzzword // Brooke McAlary

“Instead of giving in to that boredom, see it for what it is – your brain lashing out, looking for a fix. You don’t need to sit there peacefully feeling bored, but you can sit there and acknowledge how you feel. Stick that boredom in the corner and continue to sit, continue to notice, continue to be.”

What I Pack When I Travel // Tsh Oxenreider

“This is more or less what I pack anytime I travel anywhere for a week (and even up to about a month — I simply do laundry and re-wear my clothes). I’d perhaps exchange a thing or two based on the destination’s weather, but otherwise, I keep things pretty simple. Since I get asked all the time for a good master packing list for women, I thought I’d share with you my own personal list. I simply tweak the list based on what I know about where I’m headed.”

Why Learning to Breathe May Be the Best Way to Pray // Katie Jo Ramsey

“There, in my therapy room, when I silently turn my attention to the most basic function of living—breathing—I can acknowledge my great need for God to equip me with wisdom and courage. Breath prayer simultaneously relaxes my overwhelmed body and fills me with confidence in being a conduit of God’s love and mercy.”

My Friends On How They Cope With Mental Illness // LaTonya Yvette

“I wake up in the morning to tiny arms wrapped around my neck excited to see me here and alive. I had to let go of pretending. Many times dinner will be a free for all, and the kids are all right. Just make sure you are too.”

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