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The end of December/beginning of January just might be my favorite time of year on the internet. I love all of the Best Of lists that show up at the end of the year, as well as the positive, improvement-minded material that dominates the month of January. This month’s link roundup includes quite a few of those New Years-y posts, as well as a few posts I personally found helpful and/or enjoyable and hope you will too!


Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating // by James Clear

“You cannot rely on long-term consequences and rewards to motivate the Present Self. Instead, you have to find a way to move future rewards and punishments into the present moment. You have to make the future consequences become present consequences.”

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently // by Heidi Grant

“Embracing the fact that you can change will allow you to make better choices, and reach your fullest potential. People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride, and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.”

Living With Kids: Rachel Haack // from Design Mom

“I’m a passionate Mama. This comes in the form of full blown, enthusiastic joy while parenting them in good times AND the corresponding, sometimes embarrassing loss of self-control of when I’m running on high levels of stress and low levels of sleep.”

Kendra Note: I particularly enjoyed this home tour because I resonated with Rachel’s personality, and also because I love Redlands, California, and have always wanted to see inside the cute homes I’ve only admired from a distance.


Self Talk: Stay Afraid, But Do It Anyway // by Amanda Sanchez

“So remember, when the disease to please, the perfectionist bug, and lack of confidence haunt you down (no matter how unexpected it is), to keep going. Share your photos, your thoughts, your life ANYWAY. Just do it. The confidence will return (and it’s likely to leave again), but surely the more we practice real courage, the braver and more wholehearted our lives become.”

11 books to curl up with this winter // by Anne Bogel

“These 11 novels are just the ticket for dreary winter days: they’re beautiful, compelling, and just a wee bit dark, perfectly fitting for the season.”

Lean Back and Let Them Be Little // by Steffany Duke

“Let’s stop spending so much time pushing our kids to do things they may not be ready to do. Let them be little, and let’s cut out the “mompetition” so many of us find ourselves in. Can we all just stop feeling like we need to raise baby geniuses, literary scholars and pro athletes by age 5?”

The Science of Sleep: A Brief Guide on How to Sleep Better Every Night // by James Clear

“In the United States alone, studies have estimated that sleep deprivation is costing businesses over $100 billion each year in lost efficiency and performance.”


The Way Each Myers-Briggs Type Feels About Reading // by Personality Growth

“Some people live to read and love feeling engrossed in different magical worlds. Others read purely for the knowledge that they can gain. Some people aren’t really fans of reading at all. Here is how we believe each personality type feels about reading of all kinds.”

Kendra Note: I can’t speak to the other types, but this description nailed this INFJ’s reading style!

The 30 Second Habit That Can Have a Big Impact On Your Life // by Robyn Scott

“Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points. If you always do just this . . . and even if you only do this, with no other revision, you will be okay.”

Oprah & Weight Watchers // by Kylie Mitchell

“I choose to not spend my entire life fighting my body size.  My job is to listen to my hunger and fullness cues.  My job is to find movement my body enjoys. I know how to breathe. I know how to pee. I know how to eat. Because all of those are instincts.”


If you’d like to share a favorite post that you’ve read or written in the past month, please leave a link in the comments! 

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