There are few things I love more than discovering wonderful reads on the internet; the only thing that makes these discoveries even better is the opportunity to share my favorites with other internet readers. I hope that this month’s batch of links encourage, inspire, and inform you as much as they have me!

Embracing the Now // Kendra Young

“It’s a daily struggle not to romanticize the past — the sweet, cooing baby stage that was also sleepless and anxiety-filled — and, simultaneously, not romanticize the future — sure to be filled with its own joys and challenges.”

The Long Myth of Growing Up // Hilary Yancey

“Is it a long myth of growing up, that we cease to be children? We cannot be anything without first being someone’s child; we cannot outgrow that first and softest skin; we need not.”

The Power of Not Knowing // Tobias van Schneider

“Our growth, both personally and as a society, is dependent on knowledge. And yet. Our brains are only so big, and our physical capabilities limited. Are we meant to know everything? Do we really need all this information just because it is available to us? As the saying goes: ‘What gets measured gets managed,’ and in this case it gets managed by the computing power of our brain. When do we short circuit?”

Why You Should Read Books You Hate // Pamela Paul

“This is what’s so invigorating about hate-reading. To actively grapple with your assumptions and defend your conclusions gives you a sense of purpose. You come to know where you stand, even if that means standing apart.”

Unhealthy Hustle: 3 Signs You’ve Crossed the Line // Emily P. Freeman

“The problem for me comes when the healthy hustle energy needed to finish specific tasks morphs into a general state of low-grade anxiety even in the midst of non-tasks.”

What I *Really* Want for Mother’s Day: More Time With My Kids // Jen Glatz

“So, this and every Mother’s Day, I want the gift of time. Time with my babies, time with my husband, time as a family, and time for myself. I want time to stand still for just a bit, set aside the demands of life, and just tell that witch ‘Time’ to shove-off. I want the chance to be selfish and hog time for myself – for us.”

Eight simple but powerful habits that will make you more successful // John Fawkes

“Strong emotions- whether anger, sadness, excitement, or something else- have a way of clouding our judgement. Taking a little extra time to think will substantially improve your decision-making, so you’ll be less likely to do or say something impulsive that you’ll regret later.”

As always, if you’ve read something recently that encouraged, inspired, or informed you, please share a link in the Comments. I’d love to check it out too!




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