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Happy Friday, and Happy Star Wars Day! Today is a little bittersweet for me as it’s the one-year anniversary of losing our pet Sunnybird. We miss him, even though I know he had a very long life; however, the silver lining is that we might not have considered getting another pet if Sunny were still here, so today also feels like a celebration for our pup Arlo (the adorable little stinker that he is!). 

Moving on to the reason you’re here—the links! This batch is a little different than usual. As always, I’ve shared some encouraging articles (including one from a personal friend!), but I’ve also added in links to a couple of cool and insightful quizzes I’ve taken in the last month. You all know how much I love a good personality profile or quiz, and I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I did! 

Reflections on Journaling for 25 Years // Crystal Ellefsen

“Although I have a desired outcome in mind when I start to write, I allow myself a lot of variety in how I reach that outcome. This is something I’ve found extremely effective for me in many healthy habits: variation in the context of consistency. It combines the satisfaction of ritual with the freedom I need to keep it feeling fresh and fun.”

When the Art You Create Disappoints You // Shawn Smucker

“Are our creations, our stories, our paintings, our photographs, our sculptures, our pottery, our sewing, our songs…are they always meant to be these shining beacons, things we put up on pedestals and worship, as at the end of a pilgrimage? Or are these creations of ours actually more like mile markers, posts that show us both how far we have come and how far we have yet to travel?”

Find Your God-Designed Money Type // from Tommy Brown

Kendra Note: I learned about this quiz through a Focus on the Family interview and immediately added the book to my TBR. As for the quiz, my Biblical Money Type is Moses ~ Endurance. How about you?

Learning How to Listen Well // Angelina Danae

“So many of us who are ‘pause-listeners’ do this because we’ve placed an unbearable importance on being heard—somehow tricking ourselves into believing that our voice is only strong and meaningful so long as it’s heard often and loudly. And in the process, we’ve forgotten how to lean in, pay attention, take in the words of our friends, and seek to understand their experiences. We’ve forgotten that our ability to listen well often speaks so much louder than any amount of words we share.”

Fingerprints // Cara Eileen

“Are God’s fingerprints always visible to me when I look at my life? No. Are his fingerprints there? Absolutely! He’s touched all the events and circumstances that ‘decorate’ my life, both the good and the bad.”

Kendra Note: This post comes from my amazing friend Cara, who joined the blogging world just last month! As her friend, I’ve always loved hearing her perspective, and I’m excited that she’s now sharing it with a broader audience!

Thoughts on a 6+ Week Social Media Break // Laura Tremaine

“As I sit in quiet meditation and try to envision what I want my day or life to look like, it’s increasingly clear that I have almost every single thing I’ve ever wanted. Social media makes me WANT. It’s adjacent to comparison, though not exactly the same. It makes me feel like I should be doing more activism and look prettier. When actually, I’m mostly content with exactly what I have and the amount I’m doing.”

What’s Your Happiness Style // from Jennifer Dukes Lee

Kendra Note: I read the book associated with this quiz (review coming next week) and LOVED it! My favorite part was, of course, the personality component. According to this quiz, my Happiness Style is The Thinker. What’s yours?

Read or write anything share-worthy this month? I’d love to check it out; leave a link in the Comments! 

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