Life is hard. Not just right now, not just for me, but for all of us, most of the time. Yes, there are many good things that fill our days: the love of family; the joy of discovering new places and ideas; the satisfaction of hard work; the laughter shared with friends. But those bright spots are often few and far between, overshadowed by sin and hardship and the monotony of the day-to-day.

We are currently in the season of Lent, a period in the Christian liturgical calendar marked by prayer and preparation for what is to come. On Easter Sunday we will celebrate the gift of Christ’s salvation—a gift we have already received, and also one that is still to come. I can’t claim to fully understand this; what I do know is that through Jesus’ death, God has allowed us to experience a taste of His blessings in the present day, but that is nothing in comparison with all that is in store for us, His children.

I believe in finding happiness and joy here on earth, in expressing gratitude for life’s blessings, in appreciating the gifts we experience this side of Heaven. But fixing my mind and my heart on temporal goodness will only carry me so far; I might find peace for today, but that fountain soon runs dry. 

Scripture reminds me that the ultimate source of All Good Things cannot be found here. Not in grand adventures or simple comforts, not even in life’s most beautiful moments. Those good things are a mere reflection of the glory that awaits, the glory that will be ours when we join our Lord in Heaven.

It’s easy for me to feel weighted down when life is hard. It’s just as easy for me to get swept up in the pursuit of fleeting pleasures. This month, as I reflect on this passage, I’m asking the Lord to help me as I fix my eyes on what is unseen: the glory of the Creator, the wholeness and satisfaction that can be found only in Him, and the eternal riches that await. Truly, the very best is yet to come.

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