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We all love talking about the things we have done; sometimes it can be just as fun to talk about the things we have not done. Such is the premise of the popular “Never Have I Ever” party game. I actually have never played the game in a party setting (see what I did there?), but I’ve certainly played it casually with friends and I’m bringing it to the blog for this month’s roundup of 28 things.

I know this game has a tendency to become a little risqué; of course I’ve kept my list here PG-rated. Enjoy getting to know me a little better with this eclectic list of things I’ve never done.

1. Broken a bone (other than a toe).

2. Watched an entire football game.

3. Had a pet cat, a pet rodent, or a pet reptile.

4. Been on Tik-Tok, Snapchat, and many other social media sites I probably don’t even know about!

5. Used Alexa, Siri, or other similar smart devices.

6. Gotten a tattoo.

7. Successfully curled my own hair, applied my own fake eyelashes, or painted my own nails.

8. Run a marathon, a half marathon, or any other type of sponsored race.

9. Gone dancing at a club, or attended a school dance.

10. Visited Antarctica or Australia (I’ve traveled to every other continent).

11. Joined an MLM, though we were actively recruited for Amway.

12. Bought or sold anything on Facebook Marketplace.

13. Smoked tobacco or marijuana.

14. Worn prescription glasses or contact lenses.

15. Been on a podcast.

16. Desired to be on a reality TV show.

17. Binged a TV series in a day, or even in a week.

18. Lived or traveled alone.

19. Seriously dated or kissed anyone other than my husband.

20. Been more than 37 weeks pregnant.

21. Had an epidural.

22. Been away from the twins overnight.

23. Created a fake social media account.

24. Heard God speak to me in an audible voice.

25. Worked a traditional 9-to-5 job.

26. Learned to sew, knit, or crochet.

27. Cooked meat on a grill.

28. Read The Lord of the Rings triligy (or The Hobbit).

What items would make your “never have I ever” list? Did any of mine surprise you?

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