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Astute readers *might* have picked up on my affinity for lists. I like reading them, compiling them, checking them off, and utilizing them in my writing (if only to give that poor, neglected Oxford comma its moment in the spotlight).

At the start of every January I create a Yearly Evernote Folder comprised of that year’s new lists, with each list given a name and its own note. I also christen my analog bullet journal with a new list or two (or three), in addition to the assortment of new lists I generate (or add to) in various apps and files. The function and purpose of each list is a little different: some are a form of record-keeping, others serve as inspiration, or motivation, or just plain reminders. In writing out these lists (either physically or digitally), I am essentially incorporating them into my personal diary—an abbreviated journal, in all of its listed goodness.

For those interested in doing something similar this January (or any time of year, really), I thought I’d share some list ideas (in list form, how very meta!). Not all of these lists are ones I personally keep. . . although, if I’m being totally honest about my list-love, I have to admit that I have lists going in nearly every one of these categories.

1) Books to read (include recommendation source).

2) Books read (include author, dates read, star rating, and any other relevant information).

3) Miscellaneous (nonessential) items purchased (along with source and cost), organized by type (home decor, clothing, beauty items, etc.).

4) Gifts given and/or gifts received from others.

5) Gift ideas, sorted by recipient or gift type.

6) Sleep notes (bedtime and waking time, sleep quality, remembered dreams, etc).

7) Various health stats (daily step count, weight, food log, blood pressure, daily health status, etc.).

8) Recipe recommendations and/or recipes tried (include recipe source and any modifications, plus consensus on whether it was a hit or miss).

9) Annual or seasonal goals.

10) Annual bucket list and/or ideas to try.

11) Favorite podcast episodes (with notes on favorite takeaways).

12) New shows or movies watched (along with a star rating).

13) Favorite quotes.

14) Scriptures memorized (or to be memorized).

15) Noteworthy accomplishments (a “Ta Da!” list).

16) Daily gratitude.

17) Prayers (as well as a note of how prayers are answered).

18) Daily highs and lows.

19) Laughable kid-isms and milestones.

20) New words or phrases learned.

21) General life takeaways (a long, unfiltered “What I Learned” list).

22) New restaurants tried (along with general observations).

23) What is working for me and what is NOT working for me.

24) Observed moments of beauty, goodness, and kindness (i.e., God Shots!).

25) New food or product discoveries.

26) Purged items (sold, thrown out, or given away).

27) Personal wishlist.

28) Highlight reel: moments to remember (big and small!).

Are you a list-maker? What types of lists do you enjoy keeping? And where do you make/store/record your lists? (Notice that even my questions are listed out! I’m nothing if not predictable.)

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