Earlier this month, I saw another blogger share a roundup of some of her recent Amazon purchases, and I thought it was such a fun idea for a post!* If your family is anything like ours, you can’t imagine a time when Amazon Prime wasn’t saving your life (and sanity) on a very regular basis. It’s hard to beat Amazon’s convenience and price point, not to mention the fun factor; I might not be big on scrolling my social media feeds, but these thumbs sure do come in handy when scouring page after page of Amazon deals.

A vast majority of my Amazon purchases are books—either Kindle books (frequently scored on sale, thanks to alerts through Modern Mrs. Darcy’s daily deal emails) or the occasional hardback (this book and this one were titles I added to my bookshelf this month). But Amazon isn’t just my bookstore: nearly all of our household purchases come from Amazon, with the exception of groceries, the occasional toiletry item, and some clothes—although, even most of my clothes come through Amazon these days! Here’s a look at just some of the items I’ve purchased on Amazon in the past month. 

Folex Carpet Spot Remover 

Only the upstairs floor of our house is carpeted, but with a three-year-old and a puppy, we still manage to have an inordinate amount of carpet spills and stains. We’ve tried a few different products, and this particular spray is definitely the most effective. We’ve used it on carpet and upholstery, and it’s succeeded in clearing up every stain we’ve tried it on. Plus, it receives bonus points for being odorless. We just used up our last bottle of this spray, so it was it was time to replenish the supply. 

Set of 6, 2-ounce Ramekins

Porcelain ramekins are some of the most-used items in my kitchen cupboard. I own them in multiple sizes and use them for everything from serving side dishes to sorting ingredients when I cook. The 2-ounce size is the smallest I own, and it works especially well for serving condiments or pre-measuring spices. Unfortunately, the small size also makes them rather susceptible to being dropped and breaking. We managed to break every one of my set of four in the span of a couple of months—thankfully, a new set was just an Amazon click away.

Pioneer Woman Insulated Lunch Bag 

With most of our family and friends living in California, Amazon gifts have become a lifesaver. (In the rare instances where I send a gift without the help of Amazon, the cost of shipping is often higher than the price of the gift itself.) My mom’s birthday was this month and I sent her this adorable lunchbox from Pioneer Woman’s line. My mom and I both love PW’s aesthetic, and since my mom packs a lunch for her work as a NICU nurse, I knew this gift would be put to good use. It’s so cute, I wish I had a need for a lunchbox myself! 

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Charleston’s been potty trained for months now, but I continue to receive regular shipments of these wipes because they are SO useful!!! We keep packs in both cars and in nearly every room of the house, and they’ve come in handy for wiping up quick spills, cleaning off sticky hands and faces, and even wiping down the table or countertops. This are certainly not an environmentally friendly method for keeping clean, but it’s hard to beat the convenience. I’ve continued to buy the sensitive version because they are scent-free and don’t aggravate my skin the way other wipes do.

GLCON Wireless Earpiece Headset

After running the battery dead on my single earpiece headset more times than I could count, I decided to add a second one to my collection so that I’d always have one fully charged and ready to meet my podcast- and audiobook-listening needs. This time I went with a different model than I’ve had in the past—mostly because I loved the pretty pink color. The earpiece has great sound quality, stays put in my ear without any irritation, and holds its charge for several hours. It’s no Apple AirPods, but for less than $20, I’ve been incredibly happy with my purchase. 

Children’s Books 

I chose not to include my personal book purchases in this roundup because they would dominate the list, but I’ve bought a few kids’ books recently that are worth mentioning. Books are my go-to gift for kids’ birthdays, and I like to buy books that Charleston loves and would recommend. When a friend had a construction-themed second birthday party, this book and this one were obvious choices. We bought this popular book, and this lesser-known but equally-funny book from the same author,  for a humor-loving friend who was turning four. We gifted this title to the 4-year-old girl ahead of us in a book chain newsletter we participated in. And this sweet little Bible made a nice addition to a baby shower gift.

What are your thoughts on Amazon Prime? Are you an occasional user or a full-blown-addict (like me), or do you prefer brick-and-mortar stores? If you’re on the AP wagon—what have been some of your recent purchases?

*While writing this post, I had the sinking suspicion that it seemed a little…familiar. Sure enough, a quick search of my archives revealed that I’d written a similar post just last year! Just goes to show that some things, like my love of Amazon (and reliance on baby wipes!), never change. 

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